The Ultimate Media Streaming & Multi-Tasking Application

Launch The Webplayer and get started with the simple navigation window. Browse programs, movies and music, then hit play. Your selection will start streaming in the player window.

The Webplayer allows streaming from Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Video, Showtime, and of course, YouTube.

The application consists of two main components: the player and the navigation panel. You start by choosing the video hosting platform from the navigation panel and The Webplayer redirects you to the corresponding website.

As soon as you choose a video to watch, the application loads it into the player, leaving the navigation panel intact. That means you can keep browsing the video hosting site and look for other interesting clips you might want to watch.

The advantage of the player is that its window can be easily resized and placed on top of all the other opened applications. As such, you can make it smaller and place it in one of the corners of your desktop, in a way that it won't interfere with your work.

Many people like watching online videos while using other applications, but it might be difficult to keep a separate browser window opened to play the clip without getting annoyed by its size or position. The Webplayer is one of the applications that addresses this issue.

Application Features

  • Close the navigation window at any time — your playback will not be interrupted.
  • Save your place — when you reopen the navigation window, you will be returned to where you left off.
  • Resize the player window and position it anywhere on your screen — you can work, game or enjoy social media while you watch.
  • Always on top — your player window stays open in front of other windows.
  • Need to keep your shows in the background? This feature can be turned on and off.
  • Player skins − Choose different skins.

Extraordinary YouTube Experience

YouTube fans will love the special features designed to improve their YouTube experience.

Enjoy custom browsing with YouTube API, which allows you to quickly move from section to section in your YouTube account. One click takes you to your Liked Videos, Favorites, Watch Later, Watch History, Subscriptions and Playlists from the player window. An advanced search feature makes locating your favorite programs simple. Multiple languages are supported through this platform.